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Board of Directors

Michael Zouhri

Michael Zouhri

Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Michael Zouhri is a technology leader, entrepreneur and passionate community champion who has spent nearly 20 years dedicated to social change, justice and civic engagement. He is a mission-driven Canadian who chooses to focus his work on solutions that are interesting, creative, and can advance the social good.

Early in his career, his dedication to nonprofits and charities pushed him into work improving care and health outcomes for people suffering from debilitating diseases, creating organizations to improve social equality and advocating for restorative justice. Similarly, he also began to apply his entrepreneurial creativity towards for-profit activities. In 2009, he built a major digital publication which, at its peak, reached over 60M readers per month and since has led 3 subsequent technology companies.

In 2019, Michael was tragically struck by a drunk driver. Since then has set his sights on improving universal access to our justice system. His current venture, Painworth, has a narrow focus on using data science and technology to create a framework that improves access and outcomes for injury tort claims but has plans to later grow that framework into improve other areas of the justice system. Painworth has already selflessly helped victims with over $100M in claims.

Michael's work has been honoured with many accolades including, Top 40 Under 40, Top 20 Under 30 and a medal from the Queen, among many others. He has filed 2 patents and received his degree from the University of Alberta where he studied neuroscience and began his passion for physics. He currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta has and sits on the investment committee for a private equity firm. Occasionally, he also angel invests in impact focused innovations.


Evangeline Colman-Sadd, CPA, CA

Auditor General of the Halifax Regional Municipality


Michèle Galipeau, CPA, CA

Auditor General of the City of Montreal


David Christopherson

Member of Parliament (Canada) for Hamilton Centre (retired)

Jorge da Silva, CPA, CMA, CIA, CISA

Executive Auditor, Inter-American Development Bank

Malcolm Gaston, CPA, CMA, CPFA (UK), ICD.D

Assistant Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia

Denise Hanrahan, CPA, CMA, MBA, ICD.D

Auditor General of Newfoundland and Labrador

Guylaine Leclerc, FCPA auditor, FCA

Auditor General of Québec

Steve Marcotte, CPA, CA

Partner, Assurance, PwC National Capital Region

Hock-Chye Ong, Ph. D

Former Auditor General of the Asian Development Bank

Michael Pickup, FCPA, FCA

Auditor General of British Columbia

Merwan Saher, FCPA, FCA

Former Auditor General of Alberta

Michael Zouhri

Entrepreneur, Humanitarian