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Program Description

The overall objective of the International Legislative Oversight Program (ILOP) is to contribute to improved transparency, effectiveness, and accountability in public resource management in four targeted countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

These countries were selected with Global Affairs Canada, on the basis of our knowledge and previous experience in these countries and on Global Affairs Canada’s priorities.

In each country, working with the senior leaders of the supreme audit institution (SAI), we have developed a work plan, taking into account the SAI’s strategic plan, unique capacity-building needs, and priorities. The work plans are also informed by our involvement with the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and its regional organizations, which has enhanced our knowledge of regional needs and priorities and enabled us to effectively coordinate our activities with other organizations.

Based on the country workplans, we deliver a tailored mix of activities for each country, aiming to make improvements in three main areas:

  1. Effectiveness of the SAIs’ performance audit practices

    3.1.1 A   Fellows in Quebec
    The 2015-2016 Fellows meet with Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec.

    We deliver a variety of performance audit training and mentoring activities, held in Canada and abroad. The program also contributes to improved quality control, quality assurance, and performance measurement. Projects, including performance audits, ensure a practical focus. Additional training on “soft skills,” such as leadership and communication, helps participants implement what they have learned and effect change in their offices. Canada’s priority and crosscutting themes for international development are integrated in our performance audit capacity-building activities.

  2. Principal activities:

  3. Effectiveness of the oversight committees in reviewing SAIs’ performance audit reports and supporting the implementation of related SAI recommendations

    3.1.1 B   Ghana PAC workshop
    A workshop for the Public Accounts Committee and the SAI in Ghana, March 2014.

    Parliamentary oversight committees are essential partners for SAIs. As we do in Canada, our international program provides capacity building for the committee members and staff and aims to strengthen the collaborative relationships between the SAIs and committees.

  4. Principal activities:

  5. Coordination, harmonization, and knowledge sharing among the SAIs, their regional organizations, and other development partners

    3.3.1 C   Fellow Alberta Owoo of Ghana
    Graduate Fellow Alberta Owoo of Ghana presents at an AFROSAI-E regional workshop in Tanzania on performance auditing, in February 2016. Ms. Owoo was the course leader for this three-module course that we co-facilitated.

    We coordinate and collaborate with many international organizations, particularly INTOSAI and its regional organizations. This creates additional training and leadership opportunities for graduate Fellows and their SAIs and strengthens the impact of our own programming.

  6. Principal activities:

INTOSAI, IDI, and regional organizations

  • INTOSAI: International Organization of Supreme Audit Institiutions
  • IDI: INTOSAI Development Initiative
  • AFROSAI-E: African Organisation of English-speaking SAIs
  • ASEANSAI: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) SAIs
    and ASOSAI: Asian Organization of SAIs
  • CREFIAF: Conseil Régional de Formation des Institutions Supérieures de Contrôle des Finances Publiques de l’Afrique Francophone Subsaharienne (Organization of French-speaking Sub-Saharan African SAIs)