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Auditing Gender Equality

Participant Profile

This course is intended for auditors who want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a performance audit of a specific gender equality topic, or an audit that incorporates gender equality dimensions.


This course covers:

  • the basic gender and gender equality concepts;
  • the national and international commitments and frameworks on gender equality;
  • gender mainstreaming in institutions and programs;
  • the process for selecting performance audit topics that include gender equality dimensions;
  • the steps to design an appropriate audit plan on gender equality and the main challenges involved; and
  • the main strategies to audit gender equality through different tools.


This three-day course uses a participatory and interactive approach and includes small group exercises, plenary discussions, lectures, case studies, short videos, and presentations.

Course Objective

Participants will understand the rationale for incorporating gender equality and gender issues into audit work and acquire knowledge, skills and tools to apply gender equality concepts to audit work. Through this three-day course, participants will become familiar with different strategies for auditing gender equality.

Course Overview Summary

Introduction to Gender Equality in Global and National Contexts

Basic Concepts and Principles on Gender and Gender Equality

Gender-based Analysis and Gender Mainstreaming in Institutions and Programs

Auditing Gender Equality and Selection of Audits

Planning Gender Equality Performance Audits

Examination and Reporting

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