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Effective Report Writing Training

Participant Profile

This course is intended for auditors at all levels. It is for professionals who want to hone their writing skills to achieve greater impact.


The three-day course includes individual and group exercises, lectures, and presentations. They can be tailored to meet your office’s needs. This course will teach you:

  • the principles of effective writing;
  • how to prioritize information;
  • how to synthesize data;
  • appropriate use of charts, tables, and photos;
  • effective use of tone;
  • how to review and edit;
  • how to write effective summaries;
  • how to craft messages; and
  • how to write recommendations.

Course Objective

Course participants will learn how to write and organize audit findings so they will have maximum impact and be accessible to a broader audience.

What people are saying

  • “Best workshop I've ever taken. Nice work.”
  • “Really enjoyed workshop and thought instructor was really good at conveying principles on how to improve my writing.”
  • “I like the fact that the main instructor was not an auditor.  It brought another perspective and highlighted the differences between the audit world and other professions.”
  • “Having an instructor who is not an auditor is a great plus.  Getting journalists' side of things is a benefit to us as auditors.”
  •  “Great workshop! Looking forward to practicing what I learned. Thank you!”

Course Overview Summary

Audit Process

Communicating in Today’s World

Principles of Effective Writing

Communicating Effectively

Influencing Positive Change

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