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Evidence Collection and Analysis Training

Participant Profile

This course is intended for auditors who want to hone their skills in applying evidence collection techniques and in evaluating audit evidence.


This two-day course includes individual and group exercises, lectures, and presentations. Topics include, basic concepts related to evidence, bias, evidence tool kit (techniques, strengths, limitations, and application), evidence collection strategy and the Audit Logic Matrix, professional judgment, and pitfalls in reporting.

Course Objective

Course participants will gain knowledge of evidence collection techniques, understand how to design an evidence collection strategy, understand how to make professional judgments on sufficiency and appropriateness of evidence, and understand the potential pitfalls in preparing reports that align with evidence.

What people are saying

  • “Great workshop!  It is a huge leap forward for Performance Audit practice and training.  Thank you!!!”
  • “Have taken another evidence workshop, but this one was much more relevant.”
  • “Very well organized and done.  Would recommend to others.”
  • “Really enjoyed the external speakers as they enriched the workshop's content.”
  • “Thanks for putting this on. Great enthusiasm and knowledge.”

Course Overview Summary

Basic Concepts Relating to Audit Evidence

Cognitive Bias and Auditing

Toolkit – Knowledge of Evidence Collection Techniques

Evidence Collection Strategy

Professional Judgments – Sufficiency and Appropriateness

Preparing Reports that Align with Evidence

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