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Fundamentals of Performance Audit Training

Participant Profile

This course is intended for auditors who have little or no experience in performance audit.


This four-day introductory level course includes individual and group exercises, lectures and presentations. Topics include, basic concepts related to audit selection, planning, examination and reporting, taking participants through the entire performance audit process.

Course Objective

Participants will acquire and apply the basic knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a performance audit. Case study and audit reports are used throughout the course to provide participants with practical experience and exposure.

What people are saying

  • “I thought the instructors were very knowledgeable and good teachers of the subject matter. I could tell that both were passionate about the subject matter.”
  • “Overall, an excellent workshop and very reliable for my work going forward.”
  • “I've been auditing for over 15 years and the workshop gave me a good 'refresher' and some 'reminders' about how to audit effectively. Thank you!”
  • “Overall impression is very positive. I learned a lot and topics were kept engaging over the 4 days, which is a testament to the instructors and their approach. Thank you.”
  • “I will definitely recommend that others take this workshop and will support that members of my staff attend this training. Very worth the time.”
  • “Thoughtfully put together with very experienced and strong instructors.” 

Course Overview Summary

Performance Audit Context in your Office

Fundamental Concepts in Performance Auditing

Planning a Performance Audit

Characteristics of Effective Teams and Teamwork

Evidence Collection and Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Working Papers and Documentation


Auditor Competencies

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