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Leading Successful Audits

Participant Profile

This course is targeted to auditors who have or will have the responsibility for supervising or managing the work of more junior auditors.


This three-day intermediary level course provides participants with an understanding of the key elements of a successful audit and what audit leaders need to do to make an audit successful. To achieve this, the course focuses on three cross-cutting areas:

  • People – WHO you are working with and what is expected of the relationship (leading up, leading down)
  • Content – WHAT work needs to be done: strategic thinking, scoping, KOB, gathering evidence, developing recommendations, etc.
  • Process – HOW the work gets done, project management, etc.


Topics also include planning and scoping, quality control, professional judgement, continuous improvement, and building and maintaining key audit relationships.

Course Objective

Workshop participants will acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to lead people in producing highly successful performance audits.

Required Preparation

Six weeks before the course, a 1-hour videoconference is held during which participants are placed into teams and assigned an audit topic by their office. They are then expected to gather knowledge of business on their topic, and, finally, to propose an audit scope for that topic during the course.

What people are saying

  • “I believe it is a very useful course that will benefit auditors across the nation. It is great to be able to have such a course for us to offer to our performance audit profession.”
  • “I found the course to be perfect for my level (about to start management, but with lots of audit experience)”
  • Overall it was great. I loved how there were no right or wrong answers, respecting people's views and encouraging everyone to participate and actually paying attention to us”
  • “I think the course is well pitched to newish audit leaders/managers.”

Course Overview Summary

Leading Successful Audits

Key Audit Relationships

The Thinking Required for a Successful Audit

Scoping Successful Audits

Managing Audit Quality

Building Relationships

Strategies for Improving Relationships

Managing Challenging Relationships

Conflict Management

The Leader’s Responsibilities

Taking Action

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