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Root Cause Analysis

Participant Profile

This course is for auditors who want to understand and use root cause analysis techniques to identify the issues that matter and write targeted recommendations that will result in effective solutions for the auditees.


Root Cause Analysis can help auditors to write better audit recommendations, thereby increasing audit impact. This two-day course introduces hands-on tools, that, when thoughtfully applied within each phase of the audit process, enhance audit quality and allow auditors to make recommendations that address the underlying causes of observed deficiencies.

Course Objective

Course participants will acquire and apply the basic knowledge and skills necessary to understand and use well recognized cause analysis and techniques to identify the root causes of observed deficiencies.

What people are saying

  • “Good workshop and good tools that we should be able to apply on a regular basis for our work.”
  • “Overall it was one of the more enjoyable workshops I've attended. The material is most intriguing when clear examples are brought in and used to identify specific details from the RCA process (tools/categories/etc.).”
  • “Overall, it was a very helpful course that will help me use RCA more systematically and support it with sufficient evidence.”

Course Overview Summary

Introduction to RCA, Basic Concepts and Terminology

RCA and the Audit Process

Main Categories of Possible Root Causes and Key Considerations

RCA Tools

Pareto Charts

The Five Whys Technique and its Applications to the Audit Process

The Fishbone Diagram and its Origin from a Manufacturing Context

Cause Mapping

Dissecting Root Cause Analysis through Actual Audit Examples

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