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Virtual Training

Performance Audit Boot Camp

4 Sessions of 3.5 Hours


To request a dedicated offering for your office, please contact training@caaf-fcar.ca.

This interactive virtual classroom course will teach participants the essentials of performance auditing:

  • what it is and how it is used;
  • stakeholders and relationships;
  • developing an audit objective, scope, and criteria;
  • collecting and analyzing evidence; and
  • documenting audit work.

Participant Profile

This course is intended for auditors who have little or no experience in performance audit.

Course Structure

The virtual course is divided into 4 sessions, each lasting 3.5 hours.

Participants will connect online through the course platform, Adobe Connect. They will view the instructors as well as the presentation live on screen and have access to the chat and question features. The course includes a mix of instructor-led content, interactive exercises and break-out sessions.

Day One

  • Definition of performance audit, and its role in the system of accountability
  • The 3 Es (Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economy) – and other key Es
  • Stakeholders, relationships and entity relations
  • Importance of being objective, fair and balanced

Day Two

  • Key principles of audit scoping
  • Components of a performance audit plan
  • Role and qualities of an audit objective
  • How to identify audit criteria and formulate audit questions and audit programs

Day Three

  • Sufficient appropriate evidence and the need for relevance, validity and reliability
  • Evidence types
  • Key steps in evidence collection and analysis

Day Four

  • Documentation and working papers
  • Characteristics and components of a good report
  • Building in audit quality

Course hours can be submitted for CPE or CPD credits, subject to approval by IIA or CPA Canada.