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Performance Audit Resources

Our resources help public sector performance auditors build capacity and strengthen accountability. These resources include CCAF-FCVI Audit News, Training, Research & Methodology and Events & Presentations.

PAC/Oversight Resources

CCAF’s oversight program supports oversight committee members and their support staff. We provide research, material and professional development workshops to oversight committees both in Canada and abroad.

Our support enables parliamentarians to become familiar with their role and improve the effectiveness of their committees. This includes information on understanding performance audit, and how these audits can help improve public administration.

International Development Program

CCAF works with Canadian partners to provide capacity building support for the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and parliamentary oversight committees of selected developing countries.
  1. Performance Audit Resources
  2. PAC/Oversight Resources
  3. International Development Program

Guide pratique sur l’audit de l’efficience


Australian National Audit Office. Implementing Better Practice Grants Administration, 2013, disponible à l’adresse https://www.anao.gov.au/work/better-practice-guide/implementing-better-practice-grants-administration

Australian National Audit Office, Administering Regulation – Achieving the Right Balance, 2014, disponible à l’adresse https://www.anao.gov.au/work/better-practice-guide/administering-regulation-achieving-right-balance

Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada. L’accès aux services en ligne, 2011, disponible à l’adresse www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/Francais/parl_oag_201311_02_f_38796.html

Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada. L’octroi des visas, 2011, disponible à l’adresse www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/Francais/parl_oag_201111_02_f_35934.html

Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada. Les services de passeport — Passeport Canada, 2009, disponible à l’adresse www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/Francais/parl_oag_200903_05_f_32292.html

Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada. La sélection des travailleurs étrangers en vertu du programme d’immigration, 2009, disponible à l’adresse www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/Francais/parl_oag_200911_02_f_33203.html

Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada, Vérification de l’efficience, 1995, disponible à l’adresse www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/docs/verification_efficience.pdf

Business Performance Improvement Resource. Benchmarking, 2008, disponible à l’adresse www.bpir.com/benchmarking-bpir.com/menu-id-73.html

Fondation canadienne pour l’audit et la responsibilisation, Guide pratique sur l’audit de l’efficience, 2014, disponible à l’adresse http://guides.ccaf-fcvi.com/efficience.aspx

Government Accountability Office. Pipeline Permitting, 2013, disponible à l’adresse www.gao.gov/products/GAO-13-221

Government Accountability Office. Veterans' Disability Benefits, 2012, disponible à l’adresse www.gao.gov/products/GAO-13-89

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