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Performance Audit Resources

Our resources help public sector performance auditors build capacity and strengthen accountability. These resources include CCAF-FCVI Audit News, Training, Research & Methodology and Events & Presentations.

PAC/Oversight Resources

CCAF’s oversight program supports oversight committee members and their support staff. We provide research, material and professional development workshops to oversight committees both in Canada and abroad.

Our support enables parliamentarians to become familiar with their role and improve the effectiveness of their committees. This includes information on understanding performance audit, and how these audits can help improve public administration.

International Development Program

CCAF works with Canadian partners to provide capacity building support for the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) and parliamentary oversight committees of selected developing countries.
  1. Performance Audit Resources
  2. PAC/Oversight Resources
  3. International Development Program


Promotion 2011-2012 des boursiers

Le Programme international – ACTION et IMPACT

Les boursiers planifient des audits afin de soutenir les priorités de l'ACDI

Arrivée au Canada des boursiers de 2011-2012

Les diplômés 2010-2011 du Programme de bourses d’études

 Une boursière diplômée qui se distingue dans son institution, son pays et son organisation régionale