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Ronald C. Thompson Award

The Ronald C. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Award, supported by the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation through an endowment to Carleton University, recognizes outstanding students enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce program with a concentration in accounting who demonstrate an interest in auditing and have participated in some form of public service. It is awarded annually, when merited, on the recommendation of the Dean of the Sprott School of Business. It was set up in memory of the late Ronald C. Thompson, former Chair of our Board of Directors, in recognition of his passionate support for public sector auditing in the hopes that it might encourage future leaders to pursue a career in the public service.

Mr. Thompson was elected Chair of the Board in March 2009, after a highly successful career in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG). He joined the OAG in 1977, and retired as an Assistant Auditor General in 2008. He held many senior positions, including Interim Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, and was responsible for the OAG's International Relations Program.

Award Recipients

Maria Legakis - 2022

Maria Legakis

Benjamin McLellan-Campbell - 2021

Benjamin McLellan-Campbell

Renzo Yparraguirre - 2020

Renzo Yparraguirre

Emily MacNeil - 2018

Emily MacNeil

Jacob Smale - 2017

Jacob Smale



Heather Ogilvie - 2016

Heather Ogilvie

Betsaleel Joseph - 2015

Betsaleel Joseph

Brianna Paterson-Sonnenburg - 2014

Brianna Paterson-Sonnenburg

Joel Crawford - 2013

Joel Crawford