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About the Program

Our International Governance, Accountability and Performance Program (2018-2025) provides capacity building for the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) and parliamentary oversight committees of four countries: Guyana, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam.


The program is working with them to increase the effectiveness of their performance auditing and oversight practices, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improved transparency, effectiveness, accountability, and governance in government’s management of public resources and delivery of services for citizens.

With our program partners, we deliver a tailored mix of activities for each country, considering the unique needs and priorities of the SAI and oversight committee. These activities include:



Performance auditors come to Canada for 9 months to work at Canadian legislative audit offices and develop a plan for a performance audit to be carried out at their SAI.

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Performance Audit Training

Performance Audit Training

We deliver our suite of performance audit courses for the participating SAIs, as well as workshops and mentoring, all adapted to meet the SAIs’ unique needs.

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Leaders Programs

Leaders Programs

Participants complete short missions to Canada to develop a project focused on a specific area of strategic need. In each tailored program, participants meet with Canadian experts, visit audit offices, and receive mentoring and support from our staff and Associates.

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Parliamentary Oversight Training

Parliamentary Oversight Training

Oversight committee members and parliamentary staff participate in workshops, including an orientation for newly formed committees. We also bring oversight committees and SAIs together in joint workshops to discuss how they can work more effectively together.

About Our Oversight Training


To support these activities, CAAF conducts research and develops methodology on performance audit and parliamentary oversight, as well as resources for civil society organizations

We have delivered international capacity building since our founding in 1980. Learn how the program has evolved: Program History

Supporting Development Priorities

The program has a special focus on auditing gender equality, environmental sustainability, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This supports Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, the development plans of our partner countries, and the global effort to achieve the SDGs.

What is the connection between the SDGs and audit?
SAIs and oversight committees play an important role in holding governments accountable for their commitments to the SDGs and other development priorities. Their audit findings and recommendations can also help governments improve the effectiveness of public programs and services related to the SDGs, in areas such as health, education, economic development, and environmental sustainability, and help ensure such services better respond to the needs and potential of women and girls.

To support this, the program:

Additionally, we support gender equality by providing equal training opportunities for women and men, leading to opportunities for career advancement for both genders, and by assisting our partner SAIs to foster women’s empowerment in their workplaces.

Global Affairs Canada

Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.