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Performance audit and legislative oversight are at early stages in Cameroon. Prior to our current program (2012-2017), the country’s supreme audit institution (SAI), le Contrôle Supérieure de l’État, had conducted one performance audit. It was directed by graduate Fellow Pauline Kane Fortune and was a pilot for the SAI and for the region. Ms. Kane Fortune now holds a senior position at the office, as Secretary General. The SAI is currently conducting performance and environmental audits launched through our program activities, including the Fellowships. Other areas of focus for our support are quality control and assurance, performance measurement, and the SAI’s communications and relationships with external stakeholders, including Parliament and its Commission des Finances. The SAI is very active in regional and international activities. It hosts the Secretariats of both AFROSAI (African Organisation of SAIs) and CREFIAF (Organization of French-speaking Sub-Saharan African SAIs), and is the AFROSAI regional coordinator for the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing.

The Office of tha Auditor General (OAG) of Québec is a central partner in our work with Cameroon. The OAG hosts many of Cameroon’s Fellowship placements and often co-facilitates our workshops in Cameroon. 

View the Cameroon country report (September 2016) for more details.

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    Training supports Fellows’ audits

    With our partners, we are holding a series of performance audit courses in Cameroon, linked with the conduct of graduate Fellows’ audits. The Fellows are leading the audit teams and co-facilitating the training.


    Pictured: Véronique Boily of the Office of the Auditor General of Québec presenting at a course in March 2015.

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    Studying forensic accounting online

    Three auditors at the Cameroon SAI are enrolled in Algonquin College’s Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations program with our sponsorship: Valentine Bogando Onya, Guillaume Eboukele Mila, and Agbor Tarhabbey Adolf. They will graduate in 2017.

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    Environmental audit training and regional audit on Lake Chad

    The Cameroon SAI participated in a regional audit on the sustainable use of water resources in the Lake Chad basin with the SAIs of Chad, Niger and Nigeria. In support, we collaborated with GIZ to hold regional courses for the four SAIs.


    Pictured: Participants and facilitators, including John Reed, Yves Gauthier and Pierre Fréchette of our organization, at a regional course in Cameroon in March 2013.

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    Graduate Fellows contribute to regional meeting

    The Cameroon SAI hosts the CREFIAF Secretariat, and many graduate Fellows are highly involved in regional initiatives. At the annual CREFIAF meeting in October 2015, four graduate Fellows made formal presentations.


    Pictured: Yves Gauthier, our Vice-President, International Programs, and the Cameroon delegation at the October 2015 meeting, including Rose Mbah Acha (centre), head of the SAI, and four graduate Fellows.


Fellows (2012–17)

Roseline Nouesta Simo
Prudence Ngoujou and Georges Valery Onana Ebode
Evrad Lele Tiam
Noëlle Medemeze Yalla and Alain Memvuh Lindouyou
Freddy Yves Ndjemba
See the full list of Cameroon’s 11 Fellows (1990-present)

Management Interns

Sept. 2016
Eric Omengue
Audit Topic Selection and Multi-Year Planning
Nov.-Dec. 2014
Olivier Essama and Louise Mbangue
Stakeholder Relations and Communications Strategy
Oct.-Nov. 2013
Rose Djila
Quality Control and Assurance