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Fellowships and Management Internships

In the Fellowships, senior auditors complete nine-month placements at a legislative audit office in Canada (federal or provincial). In the internships, supreme audit institution (SAI) managers come to Canada to study management practices and develop strategic projects. Both components exemplify the principal feature of the international program: international participants and our Canadian partners working closely together.

Graduates of the Fellowships and internships play central roles in increasing the effectiveness of their SAIs’ performance audit practices. Graduate Fellows become leaders in their SAIs’ performance audit departments, and internship participants implement improved management practices to support the development of the performance audit practice and increase the impact of the SAIs’ audits. Through the Fellowships and internships, our program builds the capacity of a critical mass of senior auditors and managers, who become change agents in their SAIs and at the regional level. 

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About the Fellowships

The Fellows complete on-the-job learning in Canada, participate in courses, and develop a plan for a performance audit.

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Fellowship Participants

See recent Fellows’ biographies and summaries of their audit plan projects, plus a list of past participants.

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Senior Management Internships

We design a unique program for each internship to address a strategic need of the participating SAIs.

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