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Program News

Updates on our Current and Graduated International Fellows

The Fellows at CCAF
The Fellows at CCAF: Mary Arthur (Ghana), Georges Valery Onana Ebode (Cameroon), Thuy Dong (Vietnam), Frank Mwalupale (Tanzania), Prudence Ngoujou (Cameroon), Frank Nyoni (Tanzania) and Ha Minh Thi Tran (Vietnam). (Not pictured: Kwaku Akyena of Ghana)

The 2015-16 CCAF International Fellows are now half-way through their Fellowship placements.

Having spent the fall working at their host audit offices – the Offices of the Auditors General of Canada (OAG), Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec – and working on the development of their audit plan projects, they returned home in December to hold mid-term meetings with their Auditors General and senior management and to work on their audit plan.

The Fellows reconvened in Ottawa this January for one week of professional development before returning to their Canadian offices.

During their week in Ottawa, the Fellows had the opportunity to meet program partners from Global Affairs Canada, the OAG Canada and the OAG of the City of Ottawa.

Graduate Fellows' Successes

In all four of our partner SAIs, graduate Fellows are excelling. Here are four recent examples:

Pauline Kane Fortune Graduate Fellow named Secretary General of the Cameroon SAI
By a presidential decree issued December 22, 2015, Pauline Kane Fortune (2005-06) has been appointed Secretary General of the Cameroon SAI. In this role she will oversee all audit activities, coordinate central services and be principal collaborator of Mrs. Mbah Acha Rose, Head of the SAI. This continues Pauline's impressive career at the SAI, where she most recently headed the Division for Inspections and Controls of State-owned Corporations and Parastatals. Congratulations to Pauline as she undertakes this appointment.
Pauline Kane Fortune


Monalisa Lotsu Graduate Fellow promotes gender equality in Ghana
Monalisa Lotsu (2013-14) is championing gender equality at her SAI. After receiving training on gender equality as part of CCAF's course on audit planning, Monalisa included gender equality criteria in her Fellowship audit plan. Her interest in this topic led her to prepare a strategy paper looking at the importance of gender equality and the need for a gender strategy at the SAI. SAI management has approved her project on gender equality and she has produced an initial draft that could form the basis of a comprehensive gender policy for the SAI.
Monalisa Lotsu


Tanzanian audit team Tanzanian Fellows win performance audit prize
As winners of the 2014 AFROSAI-E prize for best performance audit in the region, an audit team from Tanzania travelled to Sweden in the fall of 2015. There they met with the Swedish National Audit Office, who sponsors this annual prize. Graduate Fellow Godfrey Ngowi (2009-10) and current Fellow Frank Nyoni were both part of this winning team, which was supervised by another graduate Fellow, Assistant Auditor General George Haule (2006-07). Their audit was on the management of demand forecasting and distribution of essential medicines and medical supplies to health facilities.
Godfrey Ngowi, Monica Ngoti,
and Frank Nyoni in Sweden


Hai Vu Vietnam SAI begins training regional offices on performance auditing
Having a Performance Audit Division at the SAI head office since 2014 and their own Fundamentals of a Performance Audit course developed in early 2015, graduate Fellows Duong Cao (2008-09), Hai Vu (2009-10) and Hong Han (2011-12) delivered the performance audit course to regional offices twice in 2015. Using graduate Fellows and new facilitators from the performance audit division, the SAI will facilitate three more regional courses to auditors and senior leaders in 2016.
Hai Vu leading a course