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Practice Guide to Auditing Gender Equality

Practice Guide to Gender Equality

The promotion and attainment of gender equality is important for all countries to eliminate discrimination based on gender against women and girls, boys and men in social, cultural, political, and economic aspects of life. Gender equality ensures that all people, whether female or male, can actively and meaningfully participate in the development of their lives, communities, and societies, free from discrimination on the basis of being female or male. The need for gender equality has been widely recognized here in Canada and in developed and developing countries around the world.

CCAF is pleased to announce the release of our newest publication: Practice Guide to Auditing Gender Equality – A guide that will help public sector legislative and internal auditors to plan, carry out and report on audits that address gender equality.

Click here to access the Practice Guide to Auditing Gender Equality.

How will this guide help?

Our new Practice Guide to Auditing Gender Equality aims to help public sector auditors in conducting performance audits on gender equality policies and programs, and on gender equality issues within broader audit topics. It examines gender issues from a Canadian and international perspective, and includes information and guidance on the following topics:

  • Gender equality concepts and contextual information;
  • Applying a "gender lens" to audit topic selection;
  • Gender-based analysis and gender-responsive budgeting;
  • Methodology to be used in auditing gender equality, including guidance on developing audit objectives and criteria; and
  • Suggestions for overcoming challenges to auditing gender equality.

How was this guide developed?

This Practice Guide was funded by Global Affairs Canada as part of its support to our International Legislative Oversight Program. Advancing gender equality is a crosscutting theme in Global Affairs Canada's international development efforts and we have incorporated this goal in our international program.