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March 17, 2020
Wishing our Vice-President for International Programs a Happy Retirement
Terry Hunt

Terry Hunt, CAAF’s Vice-President for International Programs, is retiring this month.

Terry joined the Foundation at a pivotal moment as we were launching our 2018-2025 international program. Under his leadership, CAAF formed strong relationships with the audit offices of the four participating countries, developed the seven-year implementation plan for this program, and got the program’s training activities off to a great start. Terry led the baseline assessment missions to all four countries and worked with each participating audit office to develop a memorandum of understanding with CAAF. He also delivered training in Vietnam and Guyana, mentored the Fellowship participants, and coordinated with the program’s many Canadian partners and international stakeholders.

Terry had previously had a long and successful career with the federal government, focusing on audit and evaluation. CAAF’s international programs team and all our staff appreciated this experience he brought to the Foundation, as well as his energy, enthusiasm and good humour. “We thank Terry for the vision and direction he provided for our international program, which CAAF and the program participants will continue to benefit from in the coming years,” said John Reed, CAAF’s President and CEO. “It was a pleasure working with Terry and we wish him the very best in his retirement.”

Terry at the 2018-19 Fellows’ graduation, at the State Audit Office of Vietnam, and at a meeting held at the United Nations.