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June 30, 2020
CAAF Launches Audit News Database 2.0

Audit News DatabaseWe have upgraded the Audit News database to increase its reliability and improve user experience. In the past, links were provided to access audit documents on external websites – but sometimes these websites changed and the links did not work anymore. To avoid this problem, we have collected all the original audit documents in PDF format on our own server. This upgrade will save you more time than ever when conducting searches.

With over 6,600 published audit documents dating back to 2007 now available in PDF, this upgrade increases the size of the database and provides new data mining capabilities (because PDF files are searchable) that CAAF plans to leverage in the future.

The Audit News database remains a very useful tool for performance audit professionals. Each month, we scan and monitor publicly available documents from 57 audit institutions worldwide. Second to none, our database allows users to search over 6,600 audit documents by topic, audit institution, year and more. Search results include audit objectives, audit criteria and links to PDFs of audit documents.

We invite you to discover this new and improved version of Audit News.