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October 8, 2021
Survey on Engaging Auditees

Update: Deadline extended to November 12, 2021.

CAAF is inviting performance auditors to share their experiences and insights on engaging the entities they audit. By completing a short survey, you can inform a course we are developing, entitled Engaging the Auditee, as well as related guidance material.

We recognize that one of the hardest parts of an audit is working effectively with the auditee. This new course and guidance material will help auditors acquire knowledge and skills to strengthen engagement processes and relationships. This includes:

  • recognizing the importance of auditee engagement to ensure effective audits
  • becoming aware of challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks
  • understanding and applying skills to improve relationships
  • learning good practices to effectively engage entities at each audit phase
  • exploring how auditors can demonstrate their value

Input from auditors from many different audit offices will enrich this guidance. We would greatly appreciate you completing the survey to tell us about the common challenges you have faced when working with auditees and the practices and skills you find most important to managing relationships with them.

Survey on Engaging Auditees
The survey is expected to take 15-20 minutes to complete. You can access it here until Friday, November 12, 2021: Engaging the Auditee Survey

Any performance auditors who currently work or formerly worked at a legislative audit office are invited to participate. We are requesting your feedback in your professional capacities, but any opinions you provide will not be taken to reflect the views of your organization. Survey results will be used to inform the design and contents of our training material and a related field guide and would not be used for any other purposes. Any good practice examples you provide could be used to showcase your audit office, after specific agreement with you in advance. All other input will be used anonymously.

This course will first be delivered in our International Governance, Accountability and Performance Program, then rolled out in Canada and other countries, and the field guide will be published on our website in 2022.

For any questions, please contact Sherazade Shafiq, Director of International Programs, at sshafiq@caaf‑fcar.ca.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your input! Your contributions are invaluable for learning and sharing good practices among audit offices.