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Program News

October 3, 2022
Celebrating the 2021-2022 Fellows’ Graduation

Learn more about the 2021-2022 graduates

Visit the Fellows’ online yearbook for information from the graduates on their Fellowship experiences, their special projects, and the impacts they hope to make as they return to their offices, and hear from the Fellows in the video below.

Congratulations to CAAF’s 2021-2022 international Fellows, who graduated this September. After completing a nine-month hybrid program that combined virtual activities and time in Canada, the five Fellows have now returned to their offices, the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) of Guyana, Rwanda, and Senegal.

The new graduates are:

  • Jo-ann Melissa Carmichael – Guyana
  • Vanessa Jaigopaul – Guyana
  • Primien Ufitinkindi – Rwanda
  • Amedy Dieng – Senegal
  • Adiyatoulaye Gueye – Senegal

The Fellowships are part of CAAF’s International Governance, Accountability and Performance Program, which aims to strengthen performance auditing and oversight in our partner countries. In the Fellowships, performance auditors complete on-the-job learning with Canadian legislative audit offices, participate in courses, and develop an audit plan or other special project that they will implement at their SAI. CAAF has delivered Fellowships since 1980 and 268 Fellows, from 54 countries, have now graduated.

We celebrated the 2021-2022 Fellows’ graduation with a virtual ceremony which brought together more than 50 partners from across Canada and from the Fellows’ countries. Presenters included the Fellows, who spoke about their experience and their special project topics, as well as senior representatives of their SAIs, their Canadian host offices, and our funding partner, Global Affairs Canada.

The Fellows have now returned to work at their SAIs, where they will implement and share what they have learned and carry out their planned audit or special project. We wish them all the best and look forward to continuing to work with them and their SAIs.

Each year, the Fellows’ graduation is also an opportunity to thank the many partners who make this program possible. On behalf of CAAF and the Fellows, thank you to:

  • The Canadian host offices—the Offices of the Auditors General (OAGs) of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec—for welcoming the Fellows and exchanging knowledge with them;
  • The many other offices, including the OAG of Canada, other provincial OAGs, and municipal audit offices, who received the Fellows for presentations and discussions and enriched their learning about auditing in Canada;
  • The SAIs for supporting their Fellows throughout their participation in this program and when they return to their offices; and
  • Global Affairs Canada for its funding and support of the program.

Thank you!

Participating SAIs

Guyana OAG
Rwanda OAG

Audit Office of Guyana

Office of the Auditor General of Rwanda

Cour des Comptes du Sénégal

Canadian Audit Offices


Global Affairs Canada
Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.